Nothing beats sitting outside with friends, enjoying a slice of wood-fired pizza that you cooked in your own outdoor pizza oven. If this sounds like your perfect evening, but you could do with some inspiration to get you started, then take a look at some of the best outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens available today.

Why should I get an outdoor pizza oven?

There are so many reasons why an outdoor pizza oven should be your next purchase. You can quickly cook up a storm of the most delicious pizza, however that’s just the beginning. Getting an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven enables you to become the ultimate host. Pizza ovens are great for getting friends and family around and enjoying cooking together. They become the ultimate centrepiece as everybody wants to take a look, or maybe just take a slice.


This stunning compact U-shaped kitchen boasts a range of fabulous features, including a wood-fired Delivita Pizza Oven and all necessary accessories. It has everything you would need to host the perfect summer party.

U shape Vantage Gas Gusto
Vantage L Shape Bull BBQ Fridge Sink Project Kingston

This large L-shaped outside kitchen looks beautiful in this glorious garden. It includes a gas BBQ, tarn sink, outdoor fridge and a wood-fired pizza oven, making this a highly sort after set-up.

There is something for everyone with this glorious large U-shaped kitchen. Including a gas BBQ, Chefs Anvil, bar seating, built-in fridge and last but certainly not least, a pizza oven placed perfectly in the corner.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas U Shape Vantage Anvil Surrey Pizza

This stunning outdoor kitchen is perfectly placed; the open front cabinets provide quick and easy access whilst displaying a sleek and elegant look. This kitchen includes both a Gas BBQ and Pizza oven. As seen below both come with covers to add additional protection against the harsh British weather.

What is the best outdoor pizza oven to buy?

When deciding which pizza oven is to best, there is only one that we keep coming back to. The Delivita wood-fired Pizza Oven is hands down the winner. Made in Yorkshire this simple yet beautiful pizza oven is ready to cook in around 25 minutes and can cook a pizza in just 90 seconds.

It is the perfect pizza oven for everyone. Whether you are having a home-made pizza night with the family, or you have invited your food loving friends over for the evening, the Delivita promises to deliver. The wood fire ensures that the food comes out cooked to perfection with the authentic smoky flavour we know and love.

The Delivita Pizza oven can go on any Vantage kitchen cabinet, bar table or fridge cabinet. What’s even better is that it comes fully equipped with all the outdoor kitchen accessories you could need. Including a pizza peel, prodder and blower, dough cutter, over brush, dough scraper, organic vegan dough, taster wood pack and a weatherproof cover.

 If you have any questions about them, please get in touch. Our friendly team are always on hand to help.

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