What do the experts say?

“Outdoor kitchens are a great way of creating family time. More clients are asking for them as it is helping to connect their children with nature and the outdoor space.”

Manoj Malde, Award-winning garden designer, writer and public speaker.


“Take dining al fresco to a whole new level by adding a cooking station outside in the garden. If you’re a keen cook who loves to entertain (and you have space), an outdoor kitchen will transform both your garden and your summer gatherings.

Jennifer Ebert, Ideal Home


Outdoor kitchens are big news in garden design. As staying in becomes the new going out, entertaining friends and family in the garden. And making the most of every square foot of space is all made possible with the addition of an outdoor kitchen.”

Jane Perrone, Society of Garden Designers.

“Create a space where you can truly live outdoors. And for me that means having the kitchen in the garden, cooking outside. I personally live in my garden as much as I can, and that doesn’t mean mowing the grass or weeding the borders… [that means] being able to cook and enjoy dinner outside with family and friends.”

Tony Woods, Award-winning garden designer & Founder of Garden Club London



Design, materials & weatherproofing

One of the questions we often get asked is: What are Grillo kitchens made from? Watch the video below as we take you on a deep dive on which materials we use, and the ‘why’ behind our choices.


Does an outdoor kitchen add value to my house?

Meaningful studies of the effect outdoor kitchens on house prices are far and few between, but studies of the positive effects of a great garden on property values abound. Many estimates suggest a nicely landscaped garden can increase a property’s value by around 20%, a figure that increased to up to 80% during the pandemic, according to some sources. A more detailed breakdown of this can be found here at sold.co.uk. There is no doubt that extending the living space of a house into the garden is a good move, and, though we say it ourselves, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to do this. According to ProLandscaper magazine “the demand for homes with larger gardens and outside space has increased significantly over the past three years, as buyers place a greater value on the lifestyle and wellbeing elements of a home.”

To judge for yourself whether an outdoor kitchen is right for you, it might help to check our projects page. It features a vast range of outdoor kitchen projects in a huge variety of garden styles across the UK and beyond.

DIY SOS Harlow

Does my outdoor kitchen need a roof?

We’ve got a whole separate blog on this, read it here. In short, it really depends on your requirements, but 75% of our kitchens don’t end up under a cover. The reasons are many and varied – cost being the most obvious, winter’s debris descending when you rotate your louvres being perhaps the least obvious! For a full breakdown of the pros and cons read the article.


3D Online Configurator

Design your kitchen now!

Check out the Grillo configurator, where you can design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!

See your kitchen in 3D, and in photo-realistic detail, then use AR on your smartphone to view it in your space.

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