Outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and with the latest trends, it is very clear to see why. By developing an outdoor living area at your home, you create a whole new space, an extension to the home, where you can relax, socialise and merge the inside and out in one seamless area.

And it is more than just adding a beautiful space to your garden – it is about adding monetary value to your home. Outdoor living is about using whatever space you have accessible to you and optimising it. The latest outdoor living trends are perfect for both big and small, and low and high spaces. So, if you are looking to transform your roof terrace or patio, take a look at how you can incorporate these trends.

Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest outdoor living trends. They provide you with everything you need to enjoy cooking, eating and socialising outdoors. No need to pop back inside to prepare food, or to wash your hands, everything is right in front of you and in close proximity.

Outdoor kitchens make hosting easy, you no longer need to split your time between the food and your guests, as you can harmoniously merge them together. Allow your visitors to feel a part of the action, whilst still having the space to relax.

outdoor living trends - edible garden

Edible Gardens

One of the key reasons edible gardens have become all the rage is due to their ability to be strategically placed, and they can flourish almost anywhere. Whether you are looking to create a small, urban, edible garden from a few herbs, or looking at transforming wooden pallets at the bottom of your garden to grow seedlings – either is a great way forward. Edible gardens can bring colour and beauty through their range of flowers, but arguably, the best part is when they are ready. They can be brought into the kitchen, and contribute to something fantastic.

It is no surprise that a garden bar is high on the list of the most popular outdoor living trends. Gardens across the UK have seen the emergence of the ‘bar that never closes’. You can choose from a standing garden bar, to a full bar featuring a fridge, sink, bar stools and more! Spend your evenings enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of your garden, whilst not having to pop back inside for a top-up. This is home socialising at its best!

A list of outdoor living trends would be incomplete without mentioning fire – whether it’s coming from a roaring BBQ or stunning fire pit. The colours and warmth of dancing flames create a wonderful atmosphere, contributing both heat and light. If you are looking to stay outside long into the evenings, then cosying up around a fire pit is perfect. Alternatively, if you are looking to put on a feast, then combine it with a BBQ such as the Chef’s Anvil to help you sizzle away the evening!

Getting the right lighting can completely transform any space. Whether you opt for fairy lights around the tree, or some modern industrial light to brighten up your patio, it helps to shape the atmosphere. Whether it’s for the early mornings or late into the night, lighting allows you to spend as long as you wish using your outdoor living space.

Water Feature

Water features not only look beautiful but can add tranquil sounds and a calm feeling to any outdoor living space. Designing an area to have a water feature, whether it be a pond, fountain, or waterfall, can also help to create a space for wildlife to thrive. Allow your garden to flourish, and attract a wide range of species to enjoy the space alongside you.

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