How to use your wood-fired pizza oven

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Dreaming of owning a pizza oven and becoming a self-made Pizzaiolo? Close your eyes and picture it: a lightly wood-scented summer’s evening breeze, friends and family gathering around the dancing flames, those authentic crispy ‘cornicione’ crusts, and sinking your teeth into a few slices of gooey, bubbly, cheesy heaven. The only way to achieve these incredible results is by having a decent pizza oven; one with a proper stone base, and one that’s powered with a real fire. 

It can seem daunting, and that’s why we had Marco Biasetti, Delivita’s very own Italian Pizzaiolo come to the Grillo Studio and answer a few of the most commonly asked questions we get asked about wood-fired pizza ovens. Tune in below!

How to light your pizza oven

Marco Biasetti talks you through how to light your wood-fired oven. Get it right every time and focus on the food prep, using Marco’s method.



How to stretch pizza dough

Marco reveals the ticket to perfect pizza. It’s all in the dough stretching. Check out these awesome dough stretching methods to get the pizza party going!



How to use a Pizza Peel

How to use a pizza peel. They make it look easy, don’t they? Marco Biasetti take you to the next level of rustic Italian pizza production!



Controlling heat in your Delivita Oven

Not quite as simple as turning the dial up or down on the oven, wood-fired oven? Check out how to be a temperature control master in this video.



Is the Delivita big enough for me?

Fear not, Marco talks us all through how perfectly designed the size of the Delivita wood-fired oven really is.



Feeling confident now? Discover the essence of rustic Italian pizza by investing in a real wood-fired oven. Your pizzaiolo journey begins. Enjoy a complimentary pizzaiolo kit to elevate your doughy creations when you order a Delivita. Bid farewell to pre-made pizza parties and hop aboard the wood-fired wonder wagon – a decision you’ll surely cherish. 

Crusty days await, so seize the dough and never look back!

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