What is Grillo's outdoor BBQ island Concept?

Grillo’s outdoor BBQ island is a simple and compact design. It comprises of a BBQ which is integrated into the worksurface, opposite a bar height table with matching iroko barstools.

grillo forge layout with electric grill island with four stools and integrated herb planters

Why does it work so well?

It’s super important with any outdoor kitchen design to ensure the social side of outdoor entertaining is not lost. When we launched the company, our overriding vision was to bring people together around food and flames. So instead of having the BBQ tucked away in the corner, we wanted to bring guests and host together, to enable the socialising and cooking to happen in one place.

And what better way to achieve this by having bar stools integrated into the kitchen. This creates an inviting place to perch and enjoy a drink, whilst watching the action!

How much do outdoor BBQ Islands cost?

The Grillo Outdoor BBQ Islands start at around £10,500. This includes the Vantage Gas BBQ, Tarn Sink Suite, Fridge and Bin Cabinet as well as the Bar Tables and Stool.

Take a look at our pre-designed vantage layouts. Each one can be configured to fit your space and meet your needs. 

How do I know when my BBQ Gas Bottle is nearly empty?

Some gas bottles are fitted with an innovative Gas Trac. This is an indicator that clearly displays how much gas is remaining inside the bottle. However, this isn’t a standard feature and it isn’t always that easy to tell.

If your gas bottle doesn’t have an indicator level,  the best way to tell when your gas bottle is nearly empty is to weigh it. All gas cylinders have a tare weight disk. This shows the weight of the cylinder without any gas in. The amount of gas is then added after, which is what you purchased.

For example, the cylinder may weigh 13kg and you may have purchased 11kg of gas, meaning the total weight when full would be 24kg. If you weigh the cylinder is around 14kg, that means it is very near its weight pre gas and therefore time to order some more as the bottle is nearly empty.

It is also worth noting that when you go to purchase more gas, you should take your empty cylinder with you as this can either be filled or exchanged for a pre-filled cylinder.

BTR schemes / Roof terraces

Roof terraces are now becoming a fairly standard feature for many city buildings, including residential BTR schemes. Properly developers are looking for ways to really enhance the roof-top experience, and maximise their impact. Having access to shared barbecues is a great way to let residents host friends and family for unforgettable parties up in the skies!

Grillo’s outdoor BBQ island is perfect for this application too, with its freestanding construction needing no foundations. Electric grills can be incorporated to ensure it is safe and practical, and that the BBQ’s meet any health and safety regulations.

roof terrace Grillo kitchen island Cadac, planters, storage crates, Thames
Hadley wood Grillo island with Bull BBQ pool view on patio

Online Configurator

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