Why put outdoor kitchens and BBQs on motorway billboards?

At Grillo, we are extremely passionate about promoting outdoor living. Obviously, everyone loves a good BBQ, but an outdoor kitchen is so much more than that. The benefits of being outdoors, away from technology, enjoying the fresh air and good company are real.

It is the first time in history that outdoor kitchens are being given such huge exposure, in line with the growing trend in the UK for outdoor living. The Grillo BBQ and outdoor kitchen billboard adverts have been placed on the M25, M1, and M11. These are some of the busiest motorways in the UK, circling London, with thousands of drivers on the road every day. 

The aim of the campaign is to spread good positive vibes about outdoor living to all road users!

BBQ billboard advert - Grillo Outdoor Kitchens - M25 (Heathrow)

grillo billboard have your steak and eat it slogan


Location: M25 anti-clockwise near Heathrow. 

Grillo designer comments: “It’s a simple play on the well-known expression ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’. Whereas if you own a Grillo (and have a steak), you can. The expression got a lot of airtime during Brexit negotiations, but we’re not trying to make a political statement!”


BBQ billboard advert - Grillo Outdoor Kitchens - M11 (Churchgate) & M1 (Redbourn)

grillo billboard one life grill it


Location:  – M11 Churchgate between junctions 7-8 & M1 Redbourn between junctions 8-9

Grillo designer comments: “A play on ‘One life, live it’. It captures the spirit of a quote by H. Jackson Brown’s mother (often misattributed to Mark Twain) “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” We believe that in twenty years from now, we will be wondering how we ever coped without an outdoor kitchen!”

About Grillo Outdoor Kitchens

Grillo Vantage is a design-led outdoor kitchen, blending Iroko hardwood with beautifully finished carbon steel. With a choice of barbecues and appliances, you can create the alfresco area of your dreams.

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