It’s nice when products have a good story behind them, and our Outdoor Kitchen Bench Seat is no exception… 

Which is considered the Best Outdoor Kitchen Bench!

When we originally built our showroom in Cambridge, the area we chose had some ugly A/C ducting that needed boxing-in. We wanted it to match in with the rest of the kitchen, so we knocked up a bench seat with the same premium Iroko that we use in all our kitchens.  The Grillo Outdoor Kitchen Iroko Bench was born.

Roll forward a few weeks, one of our very first orders was from someone who came and wanted an exact replica of our showroom – for a top end new build house in Cheshire!

We had never thought to incorporate bench seating into our Outdoor Kitchens, but it turns out its been pretty popular, and it creates a great ‘zone’ for informal seating.

Our challenge was then to get that vision into something that:

-Could be produced time and time again

-Looked simple and sleek in design

-Tied in nicely with the rest of the kitchen

We’d say our design guys nailed it though! Check out more about our kitchens here.

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