The best freestanding Outdoor Kitchens

Why Choose Freestanding?

Grillo’s freestanding design of outdoor kitchens, mean that they are incredibly easy to add into any project. There is no need for footings or foundations found on the more traditional outdoor kitchen builds.

Existing Patio / Roof Terrace

If you have an existing patio that’s ready to go, Grillo kitchens simply sit on top of the finished surface. Alternatively, if you are looking to install the kitchen on a roof terrace (e.g. porcelain or composite decking pedestal system) this also works very well. Click here to read more about roof terraces.

Sturdy Design

Rest assured that ‘freestanding’ doesn’t mean flimsy or weak. Grillo kitchens are an incredibly sturdy and robust design. The kitchens are heavy enough that they can’t easily be moved around.


3D Online Configurator

Design your kitchen now!

Check out the Grillo configurator, where you can design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!

See your kitchen in 3D, and in photo-realistic detail, then use AR on your smartphone to view it in your space.

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