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The Grillo’d Series is all about crafting stories and experiences that can bring people together. We’re bringing life to the kitchen. We’re bringing taste to the kitchen. We’re bringing experiences to your life.  Food comes in various different forms, from a multitude of difference places. With help from chefs, designers and other personalities alike, Grillo is having a cooking party in their back garden, and you are invited…


Philli Armitage-Mattin

In Phillis words: I am a cookbook writer, MasterChef finalist, not-so-secret food nerd, and cat-lover without a cat, and I have a passion for Asian flavours.

Hey there, I’m Philli Armitage-Mattin, your friendly neighbourhood culinary aficionado, here to sprinkle a little flavour and zest into your day! My journey into the world of food began with a curiosity for the diverse cuisines surrounding me. 🌟

Drawing inspiration from culinary experiences across the globe, I’ve cultivated a unique style that marries tradition with innovation – I couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love with the magical world of food. Trained in the time-honoured techniques of classic cuisine, I infuse each dish with my own creative flair, resulting in culinary masterpieces that tantalise the taste buds and ignite the imagination.

Most importantly food is about sharing and bringing people together. Food is more than fuel it the stories and joy shared between loved ones.


A supermarket-sourced salmon gets attached to an oak board with bamboo skewer pegs and put in the kamado BBQ, with the coals precariously arranged on the multi-tiered rack holder. Is it as good as the Finnish lake experience? No. Is it still sensationally good and deeply satisfying? Yes. Which brings us exactly to the point. Almost invariably, great food is inseparably intertwined with a great story. You can’t have the one without the other; the one makes the other.

The story informs the experience; the experience makes the memories; the memories define the greatness… The greatness is shared on Instagram.

Blazed salmon goes by various names – loimulohi in Finnish, Flammlachs in German – and it’s enjoyed in Christmas markets over much of northern Europe. Originating in Finland, it’s a sensationally delicious way of cooking salmon – gently smoked and super juicy – and also a dramatic and impressive way to entertain your guests. But it needs a campfire… or does it? Chef Philli’s adaptation lets you create this showstopper in your Gusto BBQ. All you need is a suitably-sized hardwood plank and some pegs (we cut up some bamboo skewers) and you’re away. Enjoy!

Mike Malloy

Mike Malloy

From the traditional to the unusual, Mike shows you what meat should taste like. Mike’s father wanted him to be a surgeon, so sent him to work for the butcher at a young age. It’s fair to say his career in the medical profession is… on hold.

Mike Malloy in his butcher shot tying meat up

MALLOY’S KNOWS MEAT. Butchery is something mike has mastered – it’s more than a practice, it’s a craft. We believe every piece of meat – whether it’s for a weeknight dinner or Sunday roast – deserves respect and must satisfy with every bite. That’s why mike proudly serves only the finest, carefully sourced produce so quality can always sit at the top of your table. Malloy’s is a cut above the rest and our profession extends to every chop, joint, sausage and steak that’s all prepared in house, just for you.

You may not think of it as a story. Consider the satisfaction and reward of making a super fresh pasta sauce with your own home-grown tomatoes. Would the satisfaction be the same if the pasta sauce came from a jar? It’s the experience of growing, and the joy of harvesting. It’s the story.

Perhaps you bought your tomatoes – some amazingly expensive (and amazingly flavoured) Spanish winter tomatoes. They can’t be grown in summer – they have to be fed a starvation diet of seawater and denied light and warmth to reach their full flavour potential. Would you tell your guests what they’re eating?

You serve up a fantastic forerib of retired-dairy beef; at 12 years old it’s 6 times the age of any other beef on the butcher’s counter, and has a flavour to match. The story informs both the experience and the taste buds; of course you tell your guests.

Or consider this: You go to a famous restaurant. Famous for what? The questions is moot: famous (adj.) from Latin famosus “much talked of”.

Marco Biasetti

Marco Biasetti

Marco is a true Italian pizzaiolo, entertainer, crowd pleaser, and brand ambassador for Delivita. He visited Grillo HQ to demonstrate his skills and the unique qualities of the Delivita wood fired pizza ovens, and the results were… bellissimo! We sat down with Marco to discuss peels, parmesan, and sacrificial pizza… read the full interview below.

Marco Biasetti from Delivita in Grillo Outdoor kitchen

Marco is an Italian chef, pizzaiolo and charismatic brand ambassador for DeliVita. Being in the studio with him is a broadening experience. No pan? No problem. The ancients cooked straight on the coals; the steak & lettuce can too. Sweet tooth? Nutella marshmallow pizza, with extra Nutella, strawberries optional. Never been all that passionate about chicory? You’re missing out; charred, with walnuts and blue cheese… The Argentine speciality chimichurri? Goes on everything. Fresh mozzarella? Delicious, especially raw, and on it’s own.

Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza is something we tend to look on as an unattainable life skill; something that is the preserve of the flamboyant, sideburned pizzaiolo with decades of experience. Not so, according to Delivita and their flamboyant, sideburned pizzaiolo, Marco Biasetti, as he demonstrates the easy way to prepare pizza margherita. “This is very easy, anyone can do this.”

“I have a very good friend in Naples called Paolo.
He asks for a margherita ‘e tanto parmigiano’; a lot of parmesan on top of it”


Marco considers pizzas to be a great way to get the kids involved in cooking. Delivita’s order-online fresh dough and Marco’s easy dough-stretching technique take the challenging part out of it. Then it’s just a case of mastering the wood-fired oven – a simple task if you follow Marco’s video tutorials on our website. Getting the oven to the ‘right’ temperature is not the black art it’s made out to be: Marco says you can even cook a pizza once the fire has gone out – it will just take a little bit longer. “People go crazy about having the flames over and everything, they get it so hot, eh…” And if you do get it too hot and burn the first pizza? Marco still does that sometimes. He calls it a ‘sacrificial pizza’. Worth the sacrifice!

BBQ Recipe - Fired Fillet Flag Salad - Marco Biasetti

BBQ Recipe - Naughty Pizza - Marco Biasetti

Charlie Jeffreys

Charlie Jeffreys

Charlie Jeffreys could be a genie. The MasterChef finalist and Senior Chef de Partie at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester possesses remarkable powers of transformation. He can turn a pineapple into super-haribos, and make Italian meringue with just a charcoal BBQ. He should be able to make a pretty mean steak sandwich then…

Charlie Jeffreys standing in MasterChef kitchen

Jamie Jones, head chef and owner of Yalbury Cottage Hotel, near Dorchester, took on Charlie when he was just 14, initially as a pot washer. However, he showed such a spark that he was given the chance to help out, before later being taken on as a full time apprentice.

Jaime says “It was a way to see if it was what he wanted to do, a little test before he made the decision. He was with us one day a week until 16 when I took him on as an apprentice for two years. He completed everything at the hotel, didn’t go to collage. We do everything here – everything’s home made, from the breads, desserts, all the main courses, butchery, fish prep, we covered it all with him. We use all local seasonal produce here as well, French style cuisine, using local farmers, all our meat comes within nine and a half miles and all the fish from day boats in Dorset. And Charlie was brilliant. He was so methodical, clean, tidy. Just a joy to have in the kitchen for all of it. The amount of recipes he came out with at the end.” Source:

Charlie has cooked for as long as he can remember. Coming from a family of keen cooks, he took inspiration at home from his mum and grandparents, then began working at Yalbury Cottage, a small BnB restaurant near Dorchester in Dorset, at the age of 14 – initially washing up, but was soon given the chance to get involved with cooking. “I would really describe my career as a step-by-step process” says Charlie. “From 16 to 18 I worked in Dorset doing my apprenticeship, and then moved to London when I had just turned 18 and started at The Dorchester. I began in The Grill and it was a huge change, moving from a small kitchen with 20 covers to a large busy kitchen with chefs of all nationalities”.

After a year, Charlie moved to the acclaimed Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, the world-famous three-Michelin-star restaurant and has been there ever since. “It was a whole new experience again” says Charlie, “right down to cutting an onion, everything had to be done in a set way, everything had to be perfect”.

After 5 years working his way up in the three-star kitchen, chef Charlie Jeffreys appeared on BBC’s MasterChef: The Professionals in 2022.
Dorset roots, he’s also fond of cooking with fish and says the fish section is his favourite section at work. “I love fishing, I love the sea, I love fish” says Charlie. “I love catching it, I love cooking it, I love eating it”. Charlie is now currently working on a really exciting new project. Source: The sea The sea.

Tristan Welch

Tristan Welch

Tristan is a founding member of Rubbish Cooks, a company of food and beverage experts in hospitality in restaurants, care and retail services with a passion for reducing food waste.

Tristan Welch is a celebrity chef with a storied career in the culinary arts. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business, and leaves in his wake a kaleidoscope of awards & accolades, with the occasional twinkle of a Michelin star.

Perhaps most importantly, he cooked this paella. Nurtured over an oak fire in our studio, it’s a veritable feast of 24 chicken legs, kilos of rice and litres of tomatoes. The filmcrew did it justice.

“I started my culinary career in London, where I trained as commis chef at City Rhodes restaurant, under Gary Rhodes, until 1998 when I joined Le Gavroche, working under the stern guidance of Michel Roux jr, here I achieved the Award of Excellence from the Academy of Culinary Arts, which recognizes exceptional talent and ambition in young chefs. I remained at Le Gavroche for almost 3 years, before Michel Roux arranged for me to progress my career at the triple Michelin starred L’Arpège in Paris. I then moved north, in order to take on my first head chef role at the award winning five star, Michelin starred Glenapp Castle Relais & Châteaux hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland, where I spent over two years. During this time, we achieved many awards; from 3 AA rosettes, to hotel chef of the year and, in 2003, the prestigious Gordon Ramsay Scholarship Award.”

“After my time in Scotland I moved back to London to take on the role of head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s and Marcus Wearing’s prestigious restaurant Petrus at The Berkeley in 2005. Petrus was awarded 2 Michelin stars in 2007, Best Restaurant Award in the Harden’s Guide 2008, numerous other awards followed. In March 2008, I relaunched the Kensington restaurant Launceston Place, where I created a modern British menu, received with rave reviews by the critics. Since the relaunch of Launceston Place, it has won Best Restaurant in the London Time Out guide, number 3 of most fashionable London restaurants, Best In Taste award, awards from the London restaurant festival, plus wine awards from Tattler and Wine Spectator.” Source: Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Paella - Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Leftover Ricecakes - Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Broccoli Stalk Burgers - Tristan Welch

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