We often get asked the question, do I need to fix my kitchen to the patio? The most common answer is no, as it has been designed to be freestanding, and sit on any flat surface. However, if your kitchen is vulnerable to extreme weather, you should anchor it down to ensure it won’t be damaged.

Storm Malik of January 2022 caused severe disruption in the Northern parts of the UK and prompted us to ensure our customers were clear about the effects of such storms on their outdoor kitchen.

Never underestimate the power of nature! During Storm Malik, one of our clients had a kitchen blow over. It was a very severe storm and the kitchen was in an exposed area, so we realise that these factors need to be taken into account in view of coming up with a common-sense solution.

tree fallen down

In our terms and conditions, we state the following:

The customer undertakes to take precautions in event of extreme weather conditions to ensure the installation is suitably protected or anchored, and separate accessories are removed.

However, you may be thinking – what does this mean for me and my kitchen? As with everything we do, we believe in taking a common-sense approach, and we hope the points below help you assess the risks.

What makes an outdoor kitchen vulnerable in extreme weather?

  • If your kitchen is not located up against a garden wall, against a house, or within a garden building
  • If your kitchen is in an open exposed area, with no natural windbreaks around
  • If your kitchen is located on a roof-terrace where higher winds are expected
  • If your kitchen has feature walls (which can create a greater wind barrier) and there is nothing behind the kitchen to prevent it from blowing backwards

What can I do to ensure my kitchen is safe?

We have put together some helpful guidance on what you can do to protect your outdoor kitchen if any of the above applies, or if there are reports of extreme weather:

  • Grillo kitchen units are designed with diamond shaped cut-outs in the bases, so that they can be anchored to your patio or deck – see images below. Always take extra care when drilling into materials such as polished concrete, porcelain tiles, natural stone etc to avoid any cracking or blistering. We strongly recommend seeking professional advice as to the fixing methods which are best suited to the specific materials used on your project.
  • If any of the worktops are loose, ensure they are stuck in place with silicone. This can be done by running a bead in the corners inside the cabinet, to ensure it is out of sight.
  • Remove loose items such as bar stools, BBQ covers, or accessories and place them inside your garage/shed etc.

We trust this guidance helps. Choose your location and design your kitchen safely, and above all, have fun!

Location of holes on Shelf Cabinet

Location on Bar Table, BBQ Station & Fridge Cabinet

Close up of fixing holes. Diameter: 9mm

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