Ciao! Sitting down with Marco from Delivita.

An ode to peels, parmesan, and sacrificial pizza

Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza is something we tend to look on as an unattainable life skill; something that is the preserve of the flamboyant, sideburned pizzaiolo with decades of experience. Not so, according to Delivita and their flamboyant, sideburned pizzaiolo, Marco Biasetti, as he demonstrates the easy way to prepare pizza margherita. “This is very easy, anyone can do this.”


“I have a very good friend in Naples called Paolo.
He asks for a margherita ‘e tanto parmigiano’; a lot of parmesan
on top of it”

Marco considers pizzas to be a great way to get the kids involved in cooking. Delivita’s order-online fresh dough and Marco’s easy dough-stretching technique take the challenging part out of it. Then it’s just a case of mastering the wood-fired oven – a simple task if you follow Marco’s video tutorials on our website. Getting the oven to the ‘right’ temperature is not the black art it’s made out to be: Marco says you can even cook a pizza once the fire has gone out – it will just take a little bit longer. “People go crazy about having the flames over and everything, they get it so hot, eh…” And if you do get it too hot and burn the first pizza? Marco still does that sometimes. He calls it a ‘sacrificial pizza’. Worth the sacrifice!

A pizza oven is the perfect fit for an outdoor kitchen: “The oven fits in with the kitchen; it’s not a grill, it’s not a kamado, but this is a piece of kit which complements the rest of the equipment you have.“ So throw caution into the woodsmoke-scented wind and let your inner pizzaiolo take the peel. And remember to add parmesan to your margherita – Marco’s Neapolitan friend will thank you.

Cook some classics

The definitive pizza. Margherita famously represents the colours of the Italian flag: Fresh basil, fior di latte mozzarella, and tomato.


Pepperoni pizza in Italy is called diavola – diavolo meaning devil; this pizza is spicy. Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, and chilli oil are the ingredients.


You might be tempted to give this one a miss, but don’t. This sensational pizza will have your guests coming back
for more. A little olive oil, red onion, torn rosemary, and coarse salt is all it needs.


You can cook almost anything in a wood fired oven. Try steaks served tagliata-style. Seared, sliced, and served as finger food or a starter.


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