Christmas food ideas

BBQ Recipes For Christmas

When we think of Christmas, it is undeniable that Christmas dinner is the main event. Even though every year we overdo it, and are left feeling slightly bloated and lethargic, those feelings are a testament to the chef’s culinary magic.

And this year, like every year, there are important choices to be made. Do you serve canapes first? Do you stick with a traditional menu or dare to try something new? What desserts should you serve? Are there any vegetarians or perhaps you have a guest with gluten intolerance?

We would like to shake things up here though, and consider what a Christmas BBQ meal could look like. To kick things off, we’ve chosen a few tempting Christmas food ideas to jingle some inspiration.

Christmas Pizza

If you would rather throw out tradition altogether, and keep the washing up to a minimum, pizza is always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. BBC Good Food has an excellent Christmas Pizza recipe, that works well even if you have made a traditional Christmas dinner, and wanted a creative way to incorporate some leftovers. We tried this recipe here at Grillo, using our DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven, and added some cranberry caramelised onions for a sweet and savoury blend. If you don’t have a pizza oven, did you know that you could also cook them on a BBQ? Take a look at our Outdoor Kitchen layouts to fire up some inspiration and shake up your Christmas.

Christmas Food Ideas

Turkey Roulade

Instead of a whole roast turkey, swap it for a turkey breast and herb roulade. Waitrose has provided a mouth-watering recipe to elevate the table’s edible centrepiece. Turkey is an ideal protein to grill on a BBQ, so head outside and get grilling! If you are looking for the perfect BBQ in time for your Christmas dinner, we have a few options here at Grillo for you to choose from.

Christmas Food Ideas

Nut Roast

If you are catering to any vegetarians this Christmas, BBC Good Food has a delectable alternative to a meatloaf, using lentils and chestnut mushrooms. To strengthen the “meaty” flavour of the mushrooms, we would recommend grilling them. The heat from the grill will provide them with a wonderful, soft texture and a rich zest, in preparation for your final presentation.

Christmas Food Ideas

Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding

No traditional Christmas dinner is complete, without a glutenous serving of a boozy Christmas Pudding. This Jamie Oliver recipe is gluten-free and enjoyable for the whole family. It is a heart-warming dessert after a filling Christmas dinner, and calls for a cosy gathering outside, around the Grillo Chef’s Anvil BBQ.

Christmas Food Ideas

Prawn and Green Mango Salad

Got this far down the list, and still wondering what to cook on the BBQ this Christmas? For a seafood starter option, many tend to gear towards a prawn cocktail, which can of course be satisfying, however in recent years has been criticised for being an outdated choice. This recipe from Delicious, is a great way to uplift the humble prawn cocktail and please any pescatarian. Using a BBQ for the prawns would provide a rich, smoky flavour. So, you can fire up the flames and grill to perfection.

Christmas Food Ideas

Scallop Pops

Instead of pigs in blankets, why not push the boat out and try scallops in blankets? Scallops can be cooked in multiple ways, but nothing beats a seafood grill. Josh Eggleton has provided Great British Chefs with this equally appetising combination to turn our Christmas favourite, into an elegant bite. BBQ’d scallops would certainly be an impressive choice this Christmas.

Christmas Food Ideas

Festive Leg of Lamb

If you haven’t perfected your Christmas turkey, you could always go for a festive lamb instead. Decorated with all the traditional trimmings, you could take a simple leg of lamb and present a marvellous festive feast. Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen shows you how. If you’re brave enough, why not try it out on a BBQ? Imagine the intensity of the grill, merging with the lamb, rosemary and mint to provide mouth-watering results.

Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas Ribs

A Grillo Gas Station would be a fantastic way to cook up these Christmas Ribs, by Steven Raichlen’s BBQ Bible. The smoking method is used to increase the flavour of baby back ribs, glazed in a sweet cranberry BBQ sauce. It’s a great option to cook on the BBQ this Christmas. Take the festivities to new heights and boast unbeatable flavour.

Christmas Food Ideas

Vegan Wellington

If you need to escape the crowd inside, why not prepare this recipe in your outdoor kitchen? Veganism has become a lifestyle choice for so many in recent years. So of course, we were happy to include a vegan option for our Christmas food ideas, which is packed with fresh and vibrant flavours. We have chosen a recipe featured in Olive Magazine, that will certainly tease the taste buds.

Christmas Food Ideas

Chocolate Yule Log

If Mary Berry hasn’t graced your festive menu’s, has it even been Christmas? The nations favourite baker has provided BBC Food with the recipe to her decadent Chocolate Yule Log. Your guests won’t be able to resist this sweet and velvety, French dessert.

Christmas Food Ideas

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