The future is 3D

We are super excited to announce that the Grillo 3D configurator is here!

Many of you would have used the Grillo configurator, where you can design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home.

We are super excited to announce that you can now see your kitchen design in 3D, and in photo-realistic detail, then use AR on your smartphone to view it in your space.

Another Dimension

Stand back and admire your design, then zoom in to see the detail.

From the texture of the cabinetry, iroko hardwood grain, and polished-concrete-effect worktops, our photo-realistic 3D models will give you a very accurate idea of what your kitchen will look like.

Want to know what your kitchen will look like from behind? Check it out from every angle in 3D.

AR? Get real!

Take our brand new Augmented Reality technology for a spin, and bring your outdoor kitchen to life in your own outdoor space!

Simply tap the “AR” button on your design, follow the on-screen instructions and see exactly how the kitchen will look and fit in your garden.

No app downloads are needed – this works in your ordinary phone browser and phone camera.

Get Started!

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