Let's talk Gusto.

Sometimes, certain products just need a pat on the back. In the case of the Grillo Gusto BBQ, a pat on the lid.

Let’s hear it from Kevin Marsh, Designer at Grillo Outdoor Kitchens.

In one sentence:

Charcoal-fired, with thick ceramic walls that retain heat, smoke and moisture – resulting in incredible flavour, succulence and tenderness.

The background story:

Roasting food with fire in an earthen oven is an ancient cooking method that has roots in many cultures worldwide. One such clay oven has become ubiquitous: The kamado.

Originating in Japan, kamado-style cooking relies on the thick ceramic walls of the barbeque to retain heat and maintain a steady temperature, whilst the enclosed design helps to lock in the smoke and moisture, giving incredibly flavoursome results.

The Gusto is our own premium quality kamado grill, which we designed to match our kitchens. It has a good-sized cooking area and adds some serious presence to your outdoor kitchen. Sitting on a heavy-gauge aluminium base, the Gusto integrates seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen.

gusto with lights

It’s a dream to use!

Many people think that a kamado-style barbeque is complex to use, however, once you’ve grasped the basic principles, you’ll never look back. Controlling the temperature is done using the vents at the top and bottom of the barbeque. It’s very simple – the wider open the vents, the more airflow, the hotter the barbeque.

Whether you want to smoke, roast, bake or sear, the kamado charcoal-fired barbeque is incredibly versatile and has a huge range of cooking temperatures and styles. The two half-moon heat deflectors can be placed under the grill to slow down the cooking times and protect foods from direct heat. If you want to play Pizzaiolo, the Gusto also comes with a pizza stone. The ceramic stone gives very authentic flavours and perfectly crisp pizza bases, perfect for a pizza & prosecco evening. It also comes with a two-tier rack system, where you can layer foods on top of each other, doubling the cooking capacity. 

The Gusto is supplied with a barbeque cover and Gusto Pro Barbeque Accessory Pack, which includes a pizza stone, grate lifter, ash tool, two half-moon grates, and two heat shields for indirect cooking. Unlike most brands where you have to buy the accessories as additional items, we believe that everyone that has a kamado barbeque needs this kit, so we supply it as standard.

8 Ways To Gusto

1. POTS & PANS. You might not have expected this one, but Gusto comes with a pan holder as standard, ideal for stews, curries, and this beef bourguignon.

2. PIZZA. Gusto comes as standard with a pizza stone and two half-moon heat deflectors, enabling you to create the perfect pizza setup. This is a charred vegetable and pesto pizza.

3. GRILLING. Turn things up to 11 with this beautiful Aberdeen Angus tomahawk steak, with a ripping hot fire underneath.

4. BAKING. Use your heat deflectors to create the perfect baking environment, and make these fig and goat’s cheese filo parcels.

5. ROASTING. Use a heat deflector to create an indirect high heat for this stunning crackled heritage pork loin with char-roasted whole beets.

6. SMOKING. Hot smoke with real wood, in chips, chunks or even whole logs. Cedar smoked Scottish salmon with a ginger-chilli-soy glaze.

7. LOW & SLOW. Using the vents to control the temperature for long, low and slow cooking gives incredibly succulent results, like these beef shortribs with a Memphis dust rub.

8. DIRTY. Cook straight on the coals. It works amazingly well, and impresses your guests. Whole beets or aubergines, sweetcorn in the husk, or as shown here, Hereford beef bavette, soon to be served with a simple chimichurri.

Projects that have included the Gusto:

See the Gusto in action!


Matthew Hoggard, Hoggy’s Grill


Ross Worrod, Grillo Showroom


Tristan Welch, Head Chef @ Parkers Tavern

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