How I keep the Grillo Forge show kitchen looking great!

We often get questions from customers around the subject of Iroko care. We sat down with Imogen, who looks after our own Grillo outdoor kitchen at our HQ in Cambridge UK to get her best practises and tips! 

Grillo staff Imogen

Cleaning the Iroko

As with most Grillo Forge kitchens, we have let the iroko wood gently silver over time, giving the kitchen a sun-bleached look, which matches in beautifully with the light grey worktops. Overall, it is very low maintenance which is great!

However, during winter you can get a little grey mould or green lichen on the iroko, and I have a little trick to share: Mould and Mildew remover! Much like using it in the bathroom, just spray it on evenly, avoiding anything that could be damaged by bleach (bbq covers, plants etc.) leave it a few minutes and rinse it off with water. The product I have found to work well is

Before and after mould and mildew remover has been applied

It also removes water stains like on this bar-stool

ProKleen mould & mildew remover

I found using the 750ml spray bottle quite tiring and slow, so now have a sprayer that can take the larger bottles – much more efficient!

Oiling Iroko for added protection

If you want to protect the iroko have a look at this Osmo oil product:  Its a great product and easy to apply! 

A word of caution with oils, varnishes and stains is that once you start applying it to your Iroko, it becomes an ongoing maintenance program. This is why a lot of our customers prefer the natural silvering without any coating at all. 

Images showing before and after Osmo oil has been applied:

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