Electric Grills For Roof Terraces

Roof terraces are now becoming a fairly standard feature for many city buildings, including residential BTR schemes.

Properly developers are looking for ways to really enhance the roof-top experience, and maximise their impact. Having access to shared barbecues is a great way to let residents host friends and family for unforgettable parties up in the skies!

A Knight Knox build-to-rent (BTR) Survey on 2000 renters about their priorities in rental accommodation, and it revealed their most important desire is access to a garden or external amenity space. This is desired more than on-site parking and a gym. It’s great these spaces are being recognised for their importance and value to a successful BTR scheme!

Safe & Green Electric Grills

For public realm projects or where the kitchen is installed on a roof terrace, electric grills can be incorporated to ensure things are green, practical, and the barbecues meet any health and safety regulations.

The Grillo Voltiq electric BBQ is safe, clean, and easy. Whether you’re on a roof terrace, have environmental restrictions, or just want the simplicity of plug & grill, the Voltiq has you sorted.

Voltiq Electric BBQ Vantage

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