Sometimes one nugget of advice can form the whole strategy for a company.

We attended a talk in the early days of Grillo, which did just this for us. It was a market specialist from America who studied Global buying trends. Her point was “In today’s world we are sick of buying ‘things’ – people want to buy experiences.”

Think about that. Isn’t this so true?

The internet has massively changed the way we buy – buying has never been easier, with plenty of supply. The novelty of buying ‘stuff’ is simply wearing off!

Look at the hospitality market. A few years ago, price and quality of food were massive factors in people’s choice. Today, it’s much more about the ‘experience’ of eating out. Restaurants and hotels are looking for ways to make their F&B offering ‘theatrical’ and unique, so that guests will come back time and time again.

And this is where Grillo was born. The days of burnt sausages and dry beefburgers are over. Now its about Theatrical Cooking, and bringing people together around food and flames.

We often go back to that statement – “people want to buy experiences” and it continues to help shape the direction and strategy for Grillo.

What nuggets do you go by in business?

chicken quesadilla cooked in grillo kitchen sitting on iroko chopping board
cooking fajitas on the Grillo chefs anvil kitchen
Serving steak from a Grillo Outdoor Kitchen

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