BBQ-safe locations

Locate your BBQ's in a safe area

When you plan the location of your outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider what is around. A BBQ Safe Location is one that is well ventilated, and a safe distance from any flammable materials for example thatch roofs etc.

Safe locations for Gas BBQ’s: 

A huge amount of heat comes out of the back of a gas BBQ. This is why its crucial to ensure that the gas BBQ isn’t situated in front of any flammable materials. These include: window frames, artificial living walls, hedges, flammable cladding etc. Note that if you have a ‘feature wall’ behind your gas BBQ, that reduces the risk, as it acts as a heat shield.

Safe locations for The Chef’s Anvil:

As the Chef’s Anvil is open fire, we recommend that it isn’t used in the vicinity of anything that could catch alight from sparks. For example: thatch roofs, oil tanks, timber buildings etc. Ensure the Anvil is placed on a non-flammable surface to prevent any damage or fire risk. We don’t recommend putting the Chef’s Anvil under a covered area. 

Safe locations for Charcoal BBQ’s:

Ensure the location of your charcoal BBQ is away from flammable materials, i.e. thatch roofs and oil tanks etc. Similarly, do not place it directly in front of any materials that could easily combust, for example artificial living walls, flammable cladding etc.

Safe locations for The Grillo Electric BBQ’s: 

Similarly, a large amount of heat comes out of the back of an electric BBQ. Please make sure that the electric BBQ isn’t placed in front of any flammable materials. It is worth noting that if you have a Grillo ‘feature wall’ behind your electric BBQ, it acts as a heat shield and reduces the risk present.


When any BBQ or firepit is in use, it must be in a well ventilated area to ensure any fumes do not get trapped. This is especially important if your outdoor kitchen is located under a pergola or roof of any kind. Please ensure adequate ventilation at all times. 

Choose your location and design your kitchen safely, and above all, have fun!